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Jimmy Fishbein Biography

Jimmy Fishbein Artist Picture


Jimmy is an eclectic talent and internationally sought after photographer who one day may be shooting an editorial for TIME, NEWSWEEK, FORTUNE,  FORBES and Michigan Avenue Magazine Covers to name a few or flying on a private corporate jet to Vegas to photograph portraits of President Bill Clinton or Obama, Mayor Emanuel or great artists such as Howie Mandel, Jeff Koons, Bon Jovi and Hebru Brantley and Theaster Gates locally and the next day directing a viral video advertising campaign for KFC that hit 1 million views in 1 week. He thrives on diverse and complex projects that allow him to utilize the education he received at Brooks and the experience he earned in both New York City. These days he is comfortably located in his own 3,000 square foot studio adjacent to the SOHO House Chicago, and when not working he is spending time with his new wife, Christine, or happily hanging out with any of his eight nieces and nephews. He is always honored to be entrusted with the very important responsibility of capturing editorial and advertising images.