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Skyblue Creative Group represents a variety of top talented photographers who keep it simple, personal and brilliant. From lifestyle, conceptual, tabletop, food and more, we have the photographers who can bring the agency’s clients’ ideas to fruition. The photographers want to create something that is talked about and that people want to share.    


Nancy Skyblue Photo


Nancy Schapiro

Minneapolis MN and Aspen CO Principal and Owner of Skyblue nancy@skybluecreativegroup.com Nancy Schapiro started Skyblue Creative Group in 2005 with the purpose of uniting photographers with clients who emphasize the art in art and commerce. She aspires to form collaborations that focus on a shared vision resulting in a great creative product. Agencies are looking at what their audience is looking at—they are interested in taking part in popular culture and they want to create something talked about and that people want to share. Each photographer she selects to work with brings a distinct and personal style, perspective and point of view to each assignment. Nancy really tries to represent the best in their field, be it commercial or fine art. She does not come from the art world and her background is teaching and sales. She loves to build relationships so that her clients get work. Nancy believes the artist should create and leave the selling to the representatives and she tries to be an advocate for her clients and represent them as the best!  


evan about photo

Evan Jensen

Minneapolis MN Administrative Assistant/Project Manager/Head of eMarketing info@skybluesalesgroup.com Evan is currently a junior at the University of Minnesota studying Economics with a minor in Management. For Skyblue, he provides the client’s marketing eblasts and activity reports, updates our social networking sites, as well as maintain the Skyblue website itself. Evan brings together all of our clients and makes the rest of us look good!