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Novus Select Spotlight

David Burnett

Among a throng of photographers, David Burnett stands out: he’ll likely be the only one with an antique camera. Burnett, a native of Salt Lake City, began his photography career while in high school, selling his school’s sports photos to the local paper. After receiving a degree in Political Science from Colorado College, Burnett began to travel the globe, working for various news outlets and covering global politics, war, and sports. He has photographed every summer Olympics game since 1984 and every U.S. President since Kennedy. Yet Burnett is more than an award-winning photographer: he is a foodie, teacher, author, blogger, husband, and father.

John Hafner

John Hafner is a tried-and-true country boy, father, and traveler. His love for photography began in his senior year of college. He took one black and white photography class at Penn State and eventually enrolled in grad school for photojournalism in Missoula, Montana. Hafner describes himself as a diehard turkey hunter, so for his master’s thesis project, he explored the consequences of wild turkeys being transplanted in Montana. “I was the one redneck in the group who did a political piece on turkeys,” he said.

Joseph Puhy

It’s no surprise that Joseph Puhy is an artist: he’s the son of a Creative Director, so artistry and big production is in his blood. Puhy came to the United States from France as a child and attended Brooks Institute before moving on to apprenticeships with some of the top ad and celebrity photographers. When away from the camera, he can be found at the hockey rink, riding his dirt bike, trying new foods, and seeking inspiration from local galleries. Puhy said that he tries to “capture moments of people and things relating to their environment, either in harmony or discord. That relationship tells stories worth sharing.”

Holly Wilmeth

Holly Wilmeth’s passion for people and cultures drives her visual work, and has led her to explore over 50 countries. She began her photography career in the city streets of her home country of Guatemala. She holds a degree in Political Science and Languages, speaks fluent Spanish, German, and English, and spent two years teaching English in Japan. She then moved to the US to pursue photography as a career and attended the SALT Institute for Documentary Studies in Maine. Today, she calls Mexico her home.