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Ilya Moshenskiy: Superbowl XLIII


Seattle Erupts at Superbowl

“I have covered a large variety of major events all over the world in the last 35 years of my photo journalism career, but I have never witnessed anything like this. On Wednesday, a sea of blue and green people flooded the streets of Seattle to welcome home our Seahawk champions and the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

I have never been a part of such an extraordinary event that brought together a highly diverse crowd of individuals from all corners of the state. The energy was absolutely electrifying with close to 1 million of the worlds most avid fans cheering on our hometown heroes. The result was an incredible sense of community that not many people ever get to experience in a lifetime.

You don’t have to be a football to know that this is the biggest thing to ever happen to the city of Seattle. It has been a long time waiting to bring another major professional sports championship to the Emerald City and It was a proud day to be a Seattlelite.

I have put together 12 photos from Seahawks Superbowl rally to commemorate this win. Superbowl XLIX here we come, go Seahawks!”
–Ilya Moshenskiy